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The Invisible Soldiers: Unheard Voices is Winner, Best Documentary Film, Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame. The film presents true stories of African American and other minorities and offers stunning documentary footage of those who served in World War II. It includes commentary from Douglas Brinkley and noted historians. The film served as the catalyst for the historic Joint Congressional Resolution for the National Day of Honor, which unanimously passed in  both Houses of Congress and was  signed by  President Bill Clinton. This is a priceless documentary for the public and the study of US history.


Comments on The Invisible Soldiers: Unheard Voices

“…a sterling testimony to the invincible courage and towering moral statue of African Americans as they fought two wars, one, against the Axis powers, the other against racism at home.”

Cornel West, Professor African American Studies

“… an extraordinary film that presents an important part of our nation’s history that has not been fully shown. The film gives some balance to the history of WWII that has been lacking in popular media and education materials.”

Doris Kearns Goodwin, Pulitzer Author and Historian

“The Invisible Soldiers: Unheard Voices is a rare and important contribution to preserving an accurate history of America… The film should be a requirement for schools throughout the nation.”